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Ras Cutlass Mashramani is a social worker, all around good neighbor, and  local underground sci-fi sensation. Ras is co-founder of the Philly-based diy sci-fi collective, Metropolarity, as well as the mental health co-operative, Deep Space Mind 215.

Ras Cutlass specializes in sci-fi as a tool for creating new working and underclass realities--ones that are active, accessible, and grown from the block. Ras writes about altered states, institutional horrors,  alien abductions, life online, youth resistance, clandestine sanctuaries,  and systemic paranoia. Her work can be found at, and at various literary publications and art galleries.

Ras is also available for sensitivity reading, draft coaching, creative consulting, workshops and panels for individuals, and community organizations. Please inquire directly via email.

Support her work with cash via PATREON

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